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Mirror labirynth, an attraction created for everyone. Here is everything that you, your friends and your family want to see. Infinite corridors you have to walk through are decorated with different light effects, constant sound guidance will not leave you indifferent. In this awesome place you can take unforgettable photos that will enter into your collection for many years. Welcome to our mirror labirynth. Are you sure you can find the exit?

Museum of alive butterflies in Krakow.

The uniqueness of the museum lies in the fact that under one roof there are collected species of tropical butterflies from different continents that would never have met in their natural habitat аnd visitors can see them at the same time. There is an insectary in which you can see аlive pupae of tropical butterflies, as well as the birth of a butterfly. Free charitable excursions are held for pupils of orphanages as well as disabled children. Exhibitions on the subject of nature and man are constantly provides in the museum.

The principal difference of the museum from traditional museums and zoos is that a person is fully immersed in wildlife, feels unity with it. Created corner of tropical nature, in which butterflies fly among people.


Here you can simultaneously admire the wonderful creatures from America, Africa, Asia, feed the butterflies by your hands.

To są kilka stylizowanych pokoi z wieloma placami zabaw.
Za pomocą specjalnie opracowanego systemu śledzenia zanurzamy nie tylko umysł, ale i ciało w niesamowite gry wirtualnej rzeczywistości. Używając aktywne ruchy w obszarach VR FULL IMMERSION , chodź swobodnie po pokoju, zanurzając wszystkie swoje uczucia w grę.

Staramy się utrzymywać do 100 najbardziej zróżnicowanych, popularnych gier do wyboru. Możesz chodzić po domu pełnych chorrorów , na pirackim statku orającym przestrzenie wodne, albo możesz zostać superbohaterami i uratować miasto przed różnymi katastrofami. Szeroki wybór gier , dobra obsługa i niezapomniane emocje. To wszystko możecie znaleźć u nas!

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