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This is a unique place where everyone will find entertainment for themselves.

With us you can try your hand as an archer defending his castle in virtual reality or as a spy in a laser maze.

You can find yourself in a completely mirrored room with multicolored lights that create the effect of Infinity.

The Format of 7d and 3D films will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the plot of the film and take the place of the main character.

In the contact Museum of alive butterflies you can see and feed butterflies, rabbits, birds.

House Of Attractions | Najlepsze atrakcje w Krakowie. Mamy następujące atrakcje: Lustrzany labirynt, Pokój nieskończoności, Kolejka górska w 3D, Wirtualna rzeczywistość, Kino 7D, Laserowy labirynt, Taśowy labirynt, Muzeum żywych motyli [normalny], Muzeum żywych motyli [ulgowy], Dom do góry nogami

10 years +

500+ thousands of customers

The royal road

attractions in the heart of the city

Ticket refundability

online or on attractions

For everyone

9 attractions available

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