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Do you want to know the secret of why all customers are very happy to visit our Museum of Illusions Krakow? It really is very simple.

Why is it worth visiting our Museum of Illusions in Krakow?

  1. Location. We are located in the historical part of Krakow-Old Town. On Grodzka Street, which was part of the Royal Road;
  2. We don’t copy other people’s ideas. On the contrary, we invent something of our own and unique;
  3. Our customers always feel comfortable. Because our priority – to do for them everything as perfectly as possible;
  4. Emotions after our attractions will leave good impressions about Krakow forever in your memory.

Do you want to feel all the boundlessness of the world of illusions? Then you need to go to our Infinity Room.

Zdjęcie: Muzeum iluzji w Krakowie

Why should you come to our Infinity Room?

  • You will be surrounded by mirrors on all sides.
  • Your reflection in an infinity of angles a thrilling experience of self-vision. Light effects and sound will take you to the stars!
  • You will take incredible photo shoot, because our Infinity Room is unique.

Do you want to feel all the weight on yourself in search of an exit? What if all the walls will be mirrored? Find your way in the illusion created by mirrors and intertwined corridors!

Why is it so popular?

  1. Experience the adventure in an intricate maze that contains mirrored surfaces and unpredictable twists. It will be your perfect entertainment in the company of light and breathtaking reflections!
  2. Feel all the World of illusion, which in no way will give easily find an exit;
  3. Go on an adventure in search of numbers for entrance to  the next location.

Do you want to walk on the ceiling? Welcome to our  upside down house, where reality is changing! Look at the world from an absolutely new point of view, where the ceiling becomes the floor and the walls take you into the air.

  1. In the heart center of Krakow in the Museum of Illusion in the Old Town, the world turned upside down. Here you can run along the ceiling, sit on the chandelier and stand on your head in the literally;
  2. See how your feelings cope with such an inverted reality. This is undoubtedly an exciting experience that you will remember forever!
  3. The upside down house will give you a lot of positive emotions and original photos.

This is a unique Museum of Illusions, where everyone will find something for themselves. We are open every day, even on holidays. We will be happy to give you good humor and memories. The rooms of Illusion will take you to an extraordinary world.  Visit our attractions and get the best experience for yourself, we will do everything in our power to keep you satisfied. 

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