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Welcome to our world of the Glass Maze! Yes, you read that right. There are no mirrors in this place! Only glass and a million of your reflections, along with many dead ends leading to the long awaited exit.

What can you do there?

It’s not just a maze from which you have to find an exit. In our Glass Maze you have a mission to accomplish:
  • Find the code containing three numbers;
  • Find the exit;
  • Later you must tell the code to the attraction operator, and if the code is correct, you can win a prize!
We have only recently opened new attractions, but our customers are already enjoying them, which is great. Thank you very much!

Why should you choose our Glass Maze?

Particularly important to us is the opinion of everyone who has visited the place. The greatest joy for us is to see smiles on the faces of our customers. And for this we are ready to do everything for you.
  • This kind of maze is the first in Poland;
  • We are located in the center of the Old Town- Florianska 6 Street.You will recognize our promoters immediately by their antique costumes;
  • Only we have the cheapest tickets for the Glass Maze.
Before entering the Glass Maze, visitors are introduced inside by cashiers. They speak Polish and English, which eliminates any language barriers. At this point, visitors are given basic information about the attractions that await them.

Before entering the Glass Maze, cashiers will inform you about all the rules:

  • Wear disposable gloves so as not to dirty the glasses;
  • Don’t run or cluster inside;
  • Keep your hands in front of you to avoid hitting your head or nose;
  • If you haven’t found all the numbers, go back and try again to get a prize;
  • Don’t go one by one, look for alternative paths.
How about it? Have we aroused your interest? But this is only a small part of our unique world of attractions. We invite you to Floriańska 6 in Krakow to discover the best ways to entertain the whole family!
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