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How do you feel in the world of illusions? If you want to see a room built of mirrors alone, then we invite you to our Infinity Mirrored Room in Krakow.

This room is a fascinating work of art that plays with perception and light, creating the illusion of infinite space.

Zdjęcie: Muzeum iluzji w Krakowie

Our advantages:

  1. Location. We are located in the historical part of the city of Krakow – in the Old Town, on Grodzka Street, which was a part of the Royal Road.;
  2. Originality. We do not copy other people’s ideas, on the contrary – we invent something of our own and unique;
  3. Our Infinity room is the only one in Krakow and has its own uniqueness.
The entrance to this room is to enter a magical world where mirrored walls, floor and ceiling make reflections seem to stretch to Infinity.  In addition, there are different sounds and LED lights from all sides. Only in our infinity room do the boundaries between reality and fantasy begin to blur.

What can you do in this room?

  • This attraction will give you a lot of positive emotions, as well as leave a lot of original unique photos;
  • In our Infinity room you can walk on the mirror floor and even lie on it;
  • Full immersion into illusion and unrequited experience awaits you.

Every moment in the Infinity Room is a unique experience that stays in the memory for a long time and leaves a deep impression.

This attraction is a great opportunity to create unique photos and explore the infinite possibilities of visual art.

What is Infinity Room?

  1. LED lights of our room, will create additional impressions and immersion into the world of illusion;
  2. Our Infinity Room is the first of its kind in Krakow;
  3. Our customers feel safe and comfortable;
  4. Emotions accompanying attractions will leave amazing memories of Krakow.
Photo: Infinity mirrored room in Krakow

For many people, the Infinity Room becomes a place where time slows down and the senses of stimulated to the limit. This room allows you to discover new secrets hidden behind mirrored walls. The rest you will see for yourself!

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