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We invite you to the unique world of the Ribbon maze-an interactive attraction that offers unusual experiences and challenges, where you have to overcome the space by moving along the hanging tapes. 

Why should you visit this maze?

  1. It is a unique attraction in Krakow;
  2. Customers have to complete the mission-find and press all the glowing buttons;
  3. In our maze will have fun of both children and adults.
This is not only an exciting adventure but also a test of speed and dexterity. In the Ribbon maze, participants must demonstrate above average brilliance and agility

Game rules:

  • In this game you need to find and press as many buttons as you can for a 5 minutes;
  • Entrance to the attraction is possible only after obtaining permission from the operator of the attraction;
  • Visitors are obliged to follow all instructions received from the operator.
Ribbon maze is also an excellent form of physical activity that encourages movement and healthy competition. For a group of friends or family, this can be a great opportunity to spend time together and compete for the title of “Master of the Ribbon maze”.

What is interesting to see?

  1. Challenges: Ribbon mazes require participants to have quick reactions, agility, and spatial orientation as they must overcome various obstacles while avoiding contact with tapes and other participants;
  2. Entertainment for all: this maze is for people of all ages and with different levels of fitness. They can be customized according to people’s needs and skills to provide everyone with a satisfying experience;
  3. Popularity: this type of attraction continues to enjoy great popularity as an entertainment attraction at events.
Discovering the Ribbon maze is a journey through a maze of emotions and challenges that stays in everyone’s memory for a long time. Are you ready for the challenge? Soon the gates of the maze will close, and only the most skillful and observant participants will be able to overcome all obstacles and reach their goal. Good luck to all! We are waiting for you!
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