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We invite you to the fascinating world of the laser maze in Krakow, where reality mixes with fantasy, and reflective rays of light create expressions full of challenges and adventures. It is here that our guests have to show cleverness and dexterity to overcome all the obstacles encountered.

Zdjęcie: Laser maze in Krakow

Why is it worth visiting Laser Maze in Krakow?

  1. This is a unique attraction of this type in Krakow;
  2. Our customers are required to go under the lasers and perform the mission – to press all the glowing buttons;
  3. Each step requires careful planning and precise execution;
  4. Even the slightest mistake can trigger an alarm or lose points.

Laser maze in Krakow is not only fun – it is also a great mental and physical exercise. The game requires quick reactions, logical thinking and full concentration, which makes it ideal for players of all ages.

For many participants laser maze is not only a game, but also an exciting experience that stays in the memory for a long time, the opportunity to experience a fantastic adventure, where each step can lead to new discoveries and unexpected challenges.

Game rules and safety procedures:

  • Entrance to the attraction is possible only after obtaining permission from the operator;
  • Visitors are obliged to follow all instructions received from the operator;
  • In the laser maze there is a complete ban on running;
  • The attraction is ideal for both individual players and groups;
  • Tasks are completed on time.

What is unique about the laser maze?

  1. Technology: laser maze use advanced optical technology in which laser beams create complex patterns of paths and obstacles;
  2. Safety: although laser mazes seem to be full of dangers, in reality the laser beams used in these attractions are harmless to the human body and eyes;
  3. Challenges: playing laser maze requires quick reactions, dexterity and perceptiveness. Players must avoid touching the laser beams that are scattered throughout the maze to reach the target without activating the alarm;
  4. Popularity: the Laser maze in Krakow is very popular among children, teenagers and adults as an entertainment attraction at company events, birthdays or festivals. It is an excellent form of physical and mental activity that provides both fun and challenge.

Are you ready for the challenge? Soon the doors of the Laser maze will close, and only the most skillful and observant players will be able to go through the vortex of lasers and reach the goal. Will you be able to overcome this challenge and achieve triumph? We’ll see in due course!

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