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In the center of Krakow in the Old Town, the world turned upside down. Here you can run along the ceiling, sit on the chandelier and stand on your head in the simple sense of the word. 

Look at the world from an absolutely new point of view, where the ceiling becomes the floor and the walls take you into the air. Visit our strange Upside-Down House in Krakow!

Why is it worth visiting?

  1. We are located in the historical part of Krakow-Old Town. On Grodzka Street, which was a part of the Royal Road;
  2. Our Upside-Down House will give you a lot of positive emotions and original photos;
  3. The low cost of entry.

This attraction is an unusual and creative place that transforms the traditional concept of living space. Upon entering in this house, our clients are immediately introduced to a surreal world where everything seems to be upside down. The walls become floors, the furniture hangs from the ceiling.

What is interesting in upside down house?

  • Visual effect: in this attraction, all the elements seem to be reversed, from which visitors get the impression that they are in a completely different dimension;
  • A surprising experience: for customers, an Upside-Down House is not only a tourist attraction, but also an opportunity to discover the world in a completely new way and see everyday objects and rooms from a different perspective;
  • Anti-Gravity: this type of attraction uses the effect of anti-gravity to create the illusion of an inverted reality.

What can you do in this Upside-Down House?

  1. Unique photo session;
  2. See the world in reverse reality. It is undoubtedly a thrilling experience;
  3. In our Upside-Down House there is no time limit;
  4. Emotions after such an attraction will leave a good impression

All in all, our Upside-Down House is a unique experience that creates new perspectives and stirs the imagination, encouraging visitors to explore the world in a whole new way. This attraction is  not only amuses and surprises, but also prompts us to reflect on the conventions and habits that we take for granted in everyday life.

For our clients, Upside-Down House becomes not only a tourist attraction, but also an inspiration to explore new ideas and perspectives.

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