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We invite you to our 7D Cinema in Krakow. This is an attraction in which viewers do not just watch the film, but become direct participants events that unfold on the screen.

Zdjęcie: Kino 7D w Krakowie

Why is it worth coming to 7D Cinema in Krakow?

  1. Our tickets are very cheap.
  2. The seance is provided for children and adults.
  3. We’re open every day. Even in holidays.
Our cinema is designed for family entertainment, because we have 8 armchairs.

However, everyone likes to watch movies.

But what do you say if the seats underneath you move? At the same time, can you feel the wind on your face, real splashes of water, flashes of light and even smoke? Can’t you believe this could happen? Of course yes. It’s in the 7D Cinema in Krakow.

  • We cheerfully welcome every client and give him the maximum amount of time.
  • Our attractions are located right in the center of the Old Town and look for our location is not necessary.
  • As soon as you buy your ticket, you can go inside and watch the video.
Our 7D is an attraction of the highest level and the latest generation. For fans of cinema thrills, this place will be a dream come true about getting lost in the seance World of Cinema. 7D is not only entertainment, it is also a fantastic way to learn, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of Science and discover new facts, phenomena or history. Thanks to this, viewers can become part of any story, participating in it on a whole new level.

What are the effects of cinema? Are they dangerous?

  1. No, all effects in 7d Cinema work moderately on the viewer. And you don’t have to worry about getting hit by lightning or catching a cold in the wind and getting wetter in the rain.
  2. Thanks to a special screen, viewers can become part of any story, participating in it on a whole new level. And you can no longer distinguish between reality and cinema.
  3. Armchairs. The viewer simply sits on them, which, however, is located on a special platform, capable of repeating every movement that is shown on the screen. On such a seat you can move forward-back, left-right and, respectively, up-down.

Why does everyone want to try 7D Cinema at least once?

  • 7D Cinema combines not only image and sound, but also additional effects such as vibrations, gusts of air that make viewers feel part of the cinematic action.
  • Education and entertainment: in addition to Entertainment, it can also be used for educational purposes.
  • Global popularity: from big cities to small towns, 7D Cinema attracts a wide range of audiences from different age groups and interests.
  • Popularity: this type of attractions provided visitors with an unforgettable experience and an additional attraction that attracts both children and adults.

Such an experience in our 7D Cinema, which remains in the memory long after leaving the screening, encouraging you to return and discover new, fascinating worlds. We are waiting for everyone at our attractions in the nearest place of Krakow.

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