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Virtual Reality in Cracow

79,99 pln
69,99 pln
69,99 pln

We invite you to our VR in Krakow. Virtual reality is a fascinating technology that takes people to completely new dimensions of experience. In glasses people can immerse themselves in virtual worlds, where the boundaries between fantasy and reality become more and more realistic.

Zdjęcie: VR in Krakow

Why do you need to visit our VR in Krakow?

  1. We have very cheap entry prices. For groups of 10 people there is a 40% discount!
  2. Our new generation VR glasses show good and high quality picture;
  3. We disinfect glasses after every customer, because their comfort and rezon important to us.

One of the most exciting features of VR in Krakow is its ability to create immersive environments that allow people to interactively explore virtual worlds.

People can reach for the stars, compete in races, explore mysterious ruins or just relax on a virtual beach.

Here you can try yourself to the fullest in the game with the maximum 360-degree view, where you are a brave warrior and you hold the bow. Defeat orcs, dragons and defend your castle!

What's it gonna look like?

  • Once you get inside, the professional staff will prepare the equipment for you;
  • The Operator will tell all the rules of the game and show how it will work: show how to shoot and which buttons to use;
  • Next destiny your castle remains in your hands. You must defend it from all running monsters.

We also want to invite you to the exciting world of 3D roller coaster, where traditional rides become even more exciting adventures thanks to VR glasses. This innovative form of entertainment provides an unforgettable experience that combines exciting rides with visual effects that take people to whole new dimensions of emotion.

What are you going to do there?

  1. Everything is on a moving platform with 3D glasses;
  2. A professional staff will put on glasses that make the surrounding world even more realistic and immersive for you, so there is no need to do anything except hold on to the barriers;
  3. When the train descends the hill, people can experience sensations that seem so close that you can touch them with your hand.

For many people, VR glasses are more than just entertainment – they are also a chance to visit fantastic worlds and experience adventures that in reality might seem impossible. Thanks to a combination of advanced visual and sound effects, participants can break away from everyday life and immerse themselves in unusual fantasy worlds and adrenaline.

In our glasses you can try every time some new experience that stays for a long time in your memory. It’s a thrilling mix of excitement, adventure and unforgettable moments that make you feel like you won’t want to come back for more. Are you ready to try your life? Get in and get ready for an extraordinary journey through the VR world with House of Attractions! 

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