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Do you often look in the mirror? I’m sure each of us will say yes. Even when we cross the street, we cannot walk calmly past the reflective surface. Are you familiar with The Adventures of Alice In Wonderland and have you ever thought about getting into another world like she? If so, then your fantasies can become reality in our Mirror Maze. It is in this place that you will be able to have an amazing time and have fun together with your family and friends. 

Why should you visit this place?

  1. Uniqueness. Interesting sounds and flashing lights will make you move to a completely different world;
  2. Adventure. Inside you will find a mystery, the solution of which will allow you to get out;
  3. Low price. Only with us, you will find the cheapest entrance tickets to The Mirror Maze in Poland.

Our maze is located in the very center of the historical part of Krakow – the Old Town. We are at the top of the rankings of the best attractions and we try to do everything in our power to maintain it. The opinion of everyone who has visited this place is especially important to us. We would like your impressions and feelings related to the attractions to be passed on to both of you and future visitors.

Therefore, in this place we do everything to make the customer feel good and comfortable. In addition, we improve and add new attractions so that our clients discover something unique every time.

Why do people like the Mirror Maze so much?

  • The age of the visitors does not matter to us.  We are visited by both grandmothers with grandchildren and teenagers with adults. Everyone leaves this place full of delight and joy;
  • There are no time limits. Walking along the endless corridors, you will forever remember this fairytale land;
  • Professionally trained operator at the entrance gladly welcomes customers and tells about all the rules and tasks to solve in inside of the attraction.

Before entering the cash register of the Mirror Maze, visitors are introduced to the center of the cashiers. They understand Polish as well as English, which means that there are no language barriers. In this place, visitors will get acquainted with the basic information related to the attractions that await them. 

After purchasing tickets, customers receive short instructions from the cashier, and then from the service at the attractions themselves:

  1. Wear disposable gloves so as not to stain the mirrors.
  2. Don’t run and don’t crowd inside.
  3. Keep your hands in front of you, not on the side, so as not to hit your head or nose.
  4. If you can’t find all the numbers, go back and try again.
  5. Don’t go one by one, just look for other ways. 

When visiting Krakow, the question always arises: where to rest the whole family inexpensively, or just have an interesting time? We have the answer to that question. This is: House of Attractions and our amazing attractions that are waiting to be visited. 

The Humor and positive emotions that accompany this place make you feel free to go to our Mirror Maze!

Additional information:

We would like to offer you a visit in our Mirror Maze, located in the center of the Old Town of Krakow. What is this place? This is an attraction that can certainly be called unusual. It is a realm of illusions, a fairytale world, hidden in one place.

This is one of the cheapest Mirror Mazes in Poland, inside which you will not only find a way out, but also perform a mission, which makes it unique throughout the country.

Our customers enter an another world where all the walls are mirrored and different sounds come from different places. Thanks to the special effects inside, the perception of reality changes, and finding a way out is not easy.

Once inside, you may feel like you’ve been lost inside forever!

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